Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Because I can't seem to get my thoughts straightened out in my head well enough to transcribe them through the keyboard and on to the screen, and give you a post with a little meat and sincere scepticism, I thought I would tell you about my day.

** See, I can't don't even have the brain power to fix my horrible run on sentence**

It started with Body Pump. My new favorite way to work out. One reason is because it's GOING TO WORK!! The reason I know this is because my friends go with me. And if my friends go with me I am less likely to skip. The second reason is simply because my friends go with me. Today's workout is also worth mentioning because in the middle of our lovely butt shaping squats, the air died. Not a good combination I might add but, we made it through. And as if I hadn't had enough, afterwards I listened to this weird little voice in my head. I TRY to keep her quiet but sometimes she overpowers me. The one that says "today you need to stay and do extra cardio" is not really my friend. I want her to be but usually she is just telling me I'm not_____. (skinny, strong, pretty, blah, blah, blah) I tried to recruit my Body Pump partners but they were smart and went home.

Anyway.... I stayed and read a magazine while I did my high calorie burning machine (which probably is rigged just for people like me who want to believe they can burn 450 calories in 35 minutes)and stumbled across an article about a woman "going green" for 2 weeks. She mentioned several websites she used in her research and I tried my hardest to hold on to one (in my head, since I had no paper) so that when I got home I could look it up. I said the name over and over until I got to the computer and typed it in only to be led to a porn site! What?!!! Turns out I added an "s" where none was needed. Yes, I tend to do that; Parisian's, Belk's, JC Penny's, Victoria's Secrets (none of these stores have an s on the end by the way). By the time I actually got to the correct site I was flustered and the info was unorganized so I messed around on Facebook. Story of my life.

Things did perk up when I met Wes at a Cuban restaurant for lunch. I had a plantain omelet sandwich with spicy black beans(pretty tasty as sceptical as it sounds) and enjoyed talking to my husband about his morning. He had the afternoon off so we went home and tried to discuss the maybe hypothetical, maybe not; "would it be hard to give up all our possessions." That's where my head started spinning again. I needed a practical reason to have a massive yard sale and put our house on the market and he just wanted to talk about the philosophy of what it could imply. Also the story of my life. I am good thinking about an idea in the concrete-give a reason-sure I'll do anything for a good cause-practical kind of way, but throw in abstract-think outside the box-just to know in a moments notice I could... I suck at it. So I took a nap.

Anybody seeing a common thread...

So on a lighter note. I made a new pasta salad for dinner that rocked. If feta cheese, cilantro, chickpeas, and mint sound yummy to you I'll email you the recipe. I may even make it again for tailgating this weekend so I can eat it and wreck my minutes of psycho cardio torture.

So I guess the point is (if you have actually made it this far before deeming me certifiably insane), some days I can wrap my head around tricky little thoughts that make me think there actually is more to life and some days all I can manage are Facebook, a nap, and pasta salad.


Lovey said...

You know I think you are GREAT, I'm your Mother. Larry is the same way, he cant enjoy a nap for feeling guilty. Thinks he has to be doing something all the time. I cant wait to try the new pasta salad. Looking so forward to this weekend. I have missed you!

kelliemwilson said...

Again, I loved your post. Many days, all I can seem to get through are the small things and remain overwhelmed at what I haven't done....pasta salad sounds great!

How are things at the community market? - maybe this is supposed to be an email or facebook question...

Brooke said...

My brain goe sin a hundred different directions ALL the time. THomas mentioned the other day about moving to Honduras for a year. I was like.....WHAT? His thoughts were all about us giving up all the material things that we have and teach are kids what its like to not have everything they want. Great idea, but don't think I could really ever take that huge step. We would have to give up everything and that is soooo scary. Just don't think I could do it. By the way, your pasta salad sounds really good!

Jennifer said...

Scary is an understatement! I guess I just want to try and lend my thoughts and actions toward something "more". It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Brook said...

It's amazing! We haven't hung out in years and we still have so much in common! Miss you guys! Glad life is going well!
I also do bodypump, and talk about selling my possessions all the time (probably for the same reasons ya'll do) :).
I need a new pasta salad recipe too. brookhuff@aol.com. Had any pesto pizza lately! I can't make it anymore like we did that night. It was so good! Love ya'll.