Monday, October 27, 2008

What is your list of "non-negotiables"

*Tip 2 (Try this for one week) Instead of using paper towels to dry your hands use a kitchen or hand towel.*

I just want to go ahead and say this may not sit well with most. But this blog has really opened my eyes in light of the upcoming election. This particular post by Jim Wallis (click on his name and read the post before going on) asks the reader to come up with their own list and then share it with family and friends.

"In 2004, several conservative Catholic bishops and a few megachurch pastors
like Rick Warren issued their list of “non-negotiables,” which were intended to
be a voter guide for their followers. All of them were relatively the same list
of issues: abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, etc. None of them even
included the word “poverty,” only one example of the missing issues which are
found quite clearly in the Bible. All of them were also relatively the same as
official Republican Party Web sites of “non-negotiables.” The political
connections and commitments of the religious non-negotiable writers were quite
I want to suggest a different approach this year and share my personal
list of “faith priorities” that will guide me in making the imperfect choices
that always confront us in any election year — and suggest that each of you come
up with your own list of “faith” or “moral” priorities for this election year
and take them into the voting booth with you."

Now I am not a biblical scholar or have a degree in political science so bear with me if these sound a little simplistic. Here goes....

1. I will choose the candidate who is most likely to take care of the poverty stricken people of this country and those of the world. I will willingly take more personal responsibility to take care of my local community with money and time. I will learn more and educate myself so that if the government fails on their promises I will be able to act.

2. I will choose the candidate who can no longer justify this seemingly never ending war. I will choose the candidate who will protect us without bullying others, one that will consider alternative means to war that are peaceful and respectful of all human life. I will longer pretend that innocent lives are not being lost and that our country is a big reason.

3. I will choose the candidate who will preserve the sanctity of ALL human life. Unborn and living equally. Period. I will support a consistent life ethic based on the premise that all life is sacred as it pertains to abortion, capital punishment, assisted suicide, economic injustice, euthanasia, and unjust war.

4. I will choose the candidate who takes the responsibility of protecting our environment seriously. I will support wise choices in the use of our world's resources and make more strides to use only what is needed and renewable. I support better stewardship of God's creation and will make greater strides to live and teach our children about a more sustainable life.

5. I will choose the candidate who leads by example in their daily lives. I will support one who promotes healthy, moral, ethical, and mentally stable families. I will support the well being of children in families no matter what that looks like. I will not support taking rights away from families based on gender, race, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.

6. I will choose the candidate who treats every human with equal respect. I will not support any form of torture or inhumane practice done in our country or by any American.

7. I will choose the candidate who is a voice for the people. One who does not only adhere to the policies of a particular party. I will support a candidate who will not back down because the elite says so.

OK, I want your lists! Even (or maybe I should say especially) if they strongly disagree with mine. I think the key thing in this election year is that we as individuals refuse to be silent and take more personal responsibility in this great country where we have so many opportunities to make a difference.

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Lovey said...

Well I sent in my absentee ballot this morning, since I will not be here to vote next Tues. Cant say I put this much thought into it. You have really been challenging your Mother.