Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bear With Me

In hopes of inspiring a bit of creativity and motivation, I decided to change things up.

Moving seemed easier for a few reasons. I LOVE to start over when I can. It can be annoying especially when the reasons to start over are only apparent to me. I can be very anal and when I don't like what I have done, I usually refuse to try and patch it. I had much rather scrap it, go buy new crayons and paper, and start ALL over! However, in this case I didn't want to "scrap" the old blog, I just didn't know how to transition into something else. That's what I want....something else. Something new, fresh, and different than the last. Something that I hope keeps me inspired because as much as I loved the old, it obviously wasn't well... inspiring me. The other is still there if you want to go back and reminisce. I probably will occasionally do just that.

In an abbreviated effort to catch you up, Peyton finished kindergarten and has so far had a busy, yet fun filled summer. She has had the opportunity to travel and see almost everyone she misses the most. Not for the length of time she had hoped, but some good times nevertheless. We are planning one last trip to the beach before diving back into schedules and required activities. We have exactly one month left and I am actually sad that summer break is coming to an end. Surprisingly the weather in Auburn has been incredibly mild! Unlike last year where going outside made me ill, this year we have tried our hardest to do everything we can outdoors.

In June, Wes and I were able to go on a vacation sans child. It gave us an opportunity to see the pros to such grown up getaways. So as a result, we are committing to do this once a year and when school starts to one date night a week.

I have one room left in my house to paint. The house is now settled and arranged. My husband has found a grove at work that he can manage. My kiddo has her friends and a level of comfort in her environment that makes her feel confident. So my "time off" is slowly starting to seem silly. I NEED a different purpose. A job? Continuing my education? A volunteer program? All of the above? It makes my head hurt to try and figure this one out. So I am planning to start small. I am going to apply for a part time job and enroll in a beginners Spanish class starting in the fall. Hopefully, I will be successful in these endeavors.

But that will be for another blog...


Amy said...

yay! glad you're back!

Jennifer said...


Elizabeth Johnston said...

I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!! I've missed not keeping up with you and all your activities!! Glad you are settled and happy! You look great!!

Leslie said...

YEA YOU!! (In the words of London Tipton on Suite Life!!) I have missed hearing about your life!! We have MUCH catching up to do!! We have a baby girl that will be here in 4 weeks to add to these boys! Can't wait to tell you all about it!! Love you!!