Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Go see this movie! Now.

I have never felt more responsible for my actions than I do now that I have seen this movie. I believe this movie is meant to make us feel guilty. I mean most of us are only going because you can take kids. That's what got me in. What a great way to market environmental change. The entire time I sat there I felt ashamed of how much Peyton's generation is going to have to clean up after me!

I am not a huge fan of the phrase "Going Green". Why? Because it's trendy and trends never last. There is a lot of publicity about it and most of it is not what it seems. You can spend ALOT of money going green and really do nothing to make our stay here better.

I could sit here and list all the ways but you're smart. You know how to use Google. Maybe I could waste a whole day writing a blog about 100 ways to be green. Or maybe I can start living my life in a way that shows Peyton I actually care about her future.

Care to join me?


Elizabeth Johnston said...

I've wondered if that movie was any good. We'll have to put that on our "to do" list.

Lovey said...

I love your new spot. I love that you are you! You are my one of a kind. Dont ever loose yourself.

kelliemwilson said...

Mark and the kids have seen it. Everyone I have talked to feels this same way. I need to see it too.