Sunday, October 26, 2008

Looking for a little inspiration

So I know a while back I said I wouldn't "waste time" with lists on how to be more environmentally friendly, instead I thought it might be fun to add a "tip" to each post from now on. Now when I say tip I am not talking about huge financial investments like solar panels on rooftops, tank less water heaters, energy efficient washer/dryer (not that those aren't good...just probably not feasible to a typical household especially now!) but things that we might could try today with little to no costs. Wes and I have tried different things throughout the years....some have stuck, some not so much.

So, first up is recycling. When we lived in Nashville I was obsessed! It was easy because the city made it so that almost everything you would normally throw out could be taken within 100 yards of our apartment and put in huge bins. Here in Auburn it takes, in some instances, huge efforts and time spent for very little recyclable materials. However to me it is worth it not to fill the trash can and thus the land fills.

This is not a hard project to start in most cities. You can call your local recycle center and ask if they do curbside pick up. Some cities will even give you a bin for free. Auburn does curbside pickup for no extra charge (taxpayer dollars go toward this so you pay whether you use it or not) but you have to buy your own bins. We went a year just using extra small trash cans around the house to separate the newsprint, cans, plastic bottles, and glass. I just recently went to Target and bought $8 stackable milk crates for easier storage. The few things you can't leave curbside we take across town to the city's facility.

Save your plastic grocery bags!!! You can take them back to the grocery stores or Walmart and they have their own recycle bins for the bags. If you live in Auburn you can go one step further and take them to the Community Market behind Durango so they can use them to bag groceries for low income families.

OK so my "tip" turned in to the post...oops! I will leave you with this precious drawing of Peyt at a local fall festival we went to last night. This lady did this for all the kiddos for FREE and it only took her like 5 minutes per kid.


Lovey said...

You are making me want to try recycling. It has never been a priority with me, but I might just give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

Peyton's costume is Beautiful. Is that the one you made? I am so glad you got Granny's talent.

Jennifer said...

ahhh....I forgot to tell you we that I found one at Target that she loved. I thankfully got out of it this year!!!

Lovey said...

You are still very talented.

She looks so pretty. Be sure & send me some Halloween pictures.